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Candy packaging systems, packaging machines for sweets and candies of maximum performance and precision.

In the world of sweets and candies have different points, which should be taken into account when designing a specific candy machine for these products. For example, the liquorice wrapped one by one or in a group must be conducted very well guided to the inside of the bags since it is easy to move, on the other hand the welding is done on top with the loading of the coil on the inside.



In YM packaging, we have a long history in the packaging of sweets, this entails that we have a wide range of sweet packaging machinery, from vertical packaging machines with special applications for it (clip applicator, inert gas injection, etc.). ), multicabezales weighers with different finishes according to the product morphology and horizontal packaging machines to make different types of bag finishes or formats (doy pack, shrink, etc.)
In the candy packaging machinery, different requirements must be taken into account depending on the type of candy in question. It is not the same to pack products bathed in chocolate or totally made with chocolate than to pack sweets such as candies, chewing gum, etc …

In addition to candy packafing, YMPackaging offers a wide range of machines with possibilities for the packaging or packaging of other products.