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Packaging machines for fruit and vegetables

YM Packaging fruits and vegetables, specialized machines for packaging fruit and vegetables with maximum effectiveness and latest technology.

Packaging machines for fruit and vegetables – the produce industry is one of the most challenging industries for perfecting its packaging. Our machines are designed to work in very humid environments, handle very delicate products, achieve a deep clean and create attractive packages that protect the freshness of the product.

It is essential that the machines have a high IP rating for this industry. This will enable the machines to be jet washed and not to be affected by the humid environment.


Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Machines


For packaging either fruit or vegetables we have different models and types of machines depending on the format required. Whether you are looking for mesh bags, doypack or plastic boxes we can help you.


Nowadays fruit and vegetable packaging is a huge part of marketing campaigns due to the recent demand from customers to see the colour and size of the product.


There are a few elements to keep in mind when packaging fruit and vegetables to obtain an optimum end product. The most important things to keep in mind in this category is to reduce product impact, gas flushing and efficient packaging.


We have a very important category within the fruit and vegetable industry, convenience/ready to eat products. In this category there are some essential procedures to ensure the correct functioning of the equipment such as automated cleaning systems, all materials in SS316L and special components with IP68 protection.

In this category the cleaning standards are very high: jet washing, disinfectant foam, etc.




At YM we have extensive experience in the fruit and vegetable packaging field and therefore we can offer our clients efficient equipment that is proofed to be reliable.


For packaging fruit in mesh bags we have 2 models; the EM2 model which allows us to make mesh bags at speeds of 40ppm, these bags are clipped and have the possibility of having a label applicator on it. Our model VMM allows us to make bags from 70 to 800mm in length.


On the other hand, the Doypack format is becoming more prominent in the industry, giving a modern and practical image as well as prolonging the products’ shelf life with the possibility of adding zipper to close bags.


It’s worth highlighting the importance of other interesting equipment related to the fruit and vegetable packaging such as palletizing and depalletizing systems.


Download here the PDF on the packaging of fruits and vegetables