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  • Since 2013 YM PACKAGING GROUP offers and installs degassing systems for coffee bags either in our bagging machines or third party equipment.
  • Roasted coffee is a product very sensitive to oxygen because oxygen changes the aroma and other coffee characteristics.
  • The application for the valve system is mainly focussed on keeping the aroma for a long period of time (1 to 2 years). Without this system the aroma would not last for over 2 months.
  • The degassing valve is used to keep the aroma but also to prevent the bags swelling due to the gasses coffee releases once toasted.
  • With this valve system, our clients can pack coffee as soon as the toasting process is finished, keeping all its aromatic features.

Depending on the performance of the application and the machine it is installed in, we adjust different configurations to our standard models, each standard model has a specific configuration depending on the speed required by each client and the model of their packaging machine.


  • Both models APV1 and APV2 have a safety system to alert us if the valve hasn’t been placed on the film.
  • We have other extras to ease the operation and make the usage of the machine more comfortable.

Some of these extras are:

Level sensor on the filing system to ensure a constant level of valves

Vibratory Pre-hopper to feed filing system.

From this link you can download our technical sheet about the valve applicator Download pdf