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YM Packaging bottling of snacks and nuts, with the best engineering applied to our machines for packaging nuts and snacks.

This industry is always growing. We can see more and more of these products on the shelves of supermarkets, shops and vending machines. The success of these products depends on how good they look on the shelves and their hermetic seals to keep their freshness.

In order to guarantee the sealability and conservation of the product in an optimum state it is essential to use a suitable dosing system. Our machines have the capability to provide the highest quality without altering the products flavour and texture due to softening or rancity.



Our company has an extensive range of equipment for packaging snacks and nuts, from cup volumetric fillers to high speeds multihead weighers. Depending on the client and product’s needs we design and manufacture the equipment according to the technical requirements such as speeds, format, product type, etc.

To pack nuts at high speeds we have high end equipment such as continuous vertical bagging machines that can reach speeds of 120ppm. In addition, we have our TWIN model machine also in continuous mode which functions as two separate machines simultaneously.

To achieve high speeds and accuracy in dosing terms we also have multihead weighers with up to 32 hoppers with memory hoppers which allow for high speeds. Furthermore, our engineering team has developed a special multihead weigher model to mix product and allows to weigh from 1 to 5 products simultaneously and guaranteeing an exact weight for each one of the products.

In order to cover all markets based on different companies’ capacity and size we have more economic models like our VMW series. These series is made of machines that can reach speeds of up to 40 ppm.

There are a few important aspects in machines to be considered when packaging nuts such as: product pressure system, banner allocation, gate system, etc.

Also, in this industry, it is very common to gas flush the pack. Gas flushing the product allows us to control the residual quantity of oxygen that is in the bag therefore guaranteeing a longer product shelf life and keeping its freshness for longer.

Accessories such as Eurohole, labeller, etc. are very common in this industry and 100% compatible with our equipment.

Whether you are looking to pack nuts or any other snacks we have an extensive range of solutions at YM PACKAGING.