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Metal detectors for the food industry

Metal detector integration

Our team is specialised in the integration of metal detectors for the food industry helping our clients achieve reliable, consistent and profitable detections when is most needed. We put all our efforts into helping you achieve a bespoke system for your detection needs and reduce the down time to help your business achieve its goals.

Depending on the application we use two different techniques to integrate the equipment.

Gravity fall system

We use this system when the product is being transported or dosed without a previous pack or in bulk. This system is commonly installed when the product is packaged into a metallic pack which can’t be detected. This way we inspect the product before it goes into the pack.


We offer the possibility to perform a programmed autocalibration with modified parameters.


All our metal detectors are made of Stainless Steel 304. All bearings are protected and isolated to guarantee the correct operation of the equipment. We can provide the equipment on castors for easy movement and handling.

Belt system

This system is used when the product has a significant size or is already packages (non metallic film). Depending on the product and working environment we can use different finishes.


Depending on the working environment and the product we can use different types of belts.
Banda de PVC: Utilizada normalmente para productos envueltos.

PVC belt : this belt is used for packed products.
Modular Belt: this belt is used for fresh products, cardboard boxes, etc.

Rejecting system

We can choose different types of reject system depending on the product: rejection by compressed air, pneumatic arm or cross feed belt.


YM is a certified integrator for metal detectors in the food industry.

Metal detectors are split in two wide groups and working systems according to the location of the equipment and/or type of product to be inspected.

If we want to inspect product that come in boxes, bags, trays or any other pack that can be transported then we will use a conveyor metal detector.

We can adapt different types of rejection to conveyor metal detectors depending on the product; pneumatic arm, air blow, cross feed belt, etc.


In the case of bulk or gravity detection and not packaged product we must use a gravity fall metal detector.

In this case we can reject the contaminated product using a trap door actioned with an electro valve.


We work with different metal detector manufacturers according to the clients need or the type of product to be inspected.

Our engineering team develops and manufactures the required accessories for the correct operation of the metal detectors at the clients site (conveyor belts where the detecting head is placed, supports, etc. )

A part from the common metal detectors, we have some models that can be integrated to checkweighers. This creates a combination between metal detection and check weigher that we call COMBI. Furthermore, we have certified patrons for different shapes, dimensions and accuracies required by each client.

Download our catalog on metal detectors here. Download pdf

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