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Eficiencia & Eficacia

Tenemos una línea de maquinaria completa para el envasado vertical y horizontal, maquinas retráctiles, envasadoras de botes y encajadoras para afrontar toda la demanda de envasado de aplicaciones alimenticias y no alimentarias.  Utilizamos la última tecnología para integrar en nuestros modelos, componentes de primera calidad y vanguardia. Nuestro principal objetivo es ofrecer la máxima calidad posible al mínimo coste, tanto en maquinaria como en servicio prestado.

Vertical Packaging Machines: we have all types of VFFS (vertical packaging machines): intermittent, continuous, etc. and for all types of products (food and non food)

Horizontal Packaging Machines: Our models of horizontal packing both from pre formed bags and from a roll of film have the latest technology and reliability embedded.

Filling machines: depending on your needs, we have rotary filling and lidding machines for high speeds or lineal lines for medium-low speeds.

Boxing and palletizing machines: if you´re looking to put bags or tubs into B1 boxes, wraparound or other models, or start your palletizing line, we have the best solution.



We have all types of packaging machines. From our origins offering vertical packaging machines we have designed and manufactured our best seller model of VFFS, the VM620.


This machine led to other packaging machines such as the VM400 and VM900. These 3 models of vertical packaging machines make up the VM series that we currently work with.


Following our specialisation in the design and manufacturing of vertical packaging machines we decided to design and manufacture horizontal packaging machines both from pre formed pouches and from a roll of film. This was the start of the EP and HF series.




We have different models of machines within this series which cover a wide range of sizes and formats, from Doypack (with or without zipper), pouch, 3 side seal and 4 side seal. In addition, these machines can be used for different types of products (liquid, solids and powder) depending on the dosing system to be integrated.

When installating these machines, our clients started asking for turnkey solutions for their production processes, this is the reason we started designing and manufacturing boxing and palletising machines.