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Preformed bag packaging

Depending on the bag format (pillow, doypack, stabylo, etc) and the speed required we can offer different machines.

Horizontal Packaging from a roll of film

We design and manufacture this model from a roll of flexible film, depending on the product, pack and speed.








Configurable Dosing

We have a wide variety of dispensers that handle solid products, granulates, powders and liquids. Depending on the type of product to be packaged and the necessary services, we can use one type of configuration or another.

Doypack Packaging Machine

As we all know the doypack or stand up format is one in high growth in the current market due to its appearance and sealability.

The Doypack format make a perfect pack due to their flexibility to pack all types of products including solids, granules, liquids, etc.

At YM we create the Doypack format with our Brand MYWER with our EP and HF models.

Every extra requested by the client requires our machines to be fully customised, for example, having zipper in the bags require our machines to have devices to open and close the zipper when filling and sealing the bag.

Doypack packaging machines require high accuracy and technology due to their flat bottom.


Our Doypack packaging machines are divided into stations such as: bag opening, bag filling and bag sealing. Our doypack machines are all made using Premium brands components that allow a perfect bag finish.

A very important aspect of doypack machines is the watertightness of the bag as many of the products packed are or contain liquids.

In order to guarantee a perfect hermetic seal it is very important to have a clear communication with the film supplier as they will play an important role in this aspect. Depending on the film material used , the shelf life of the product will vary.

Since we started manufacturing, we have successfully installed more than 100 doypack machines worldwide. Spain, UK, etc.

The doypack format has been rapidly growing and it will continue to in the foreseen future. This growth is due to the doypack format allowing us to reduce the weight and pack volume. The doypack format has become the selected pack to be vertically exposed on the supermarket aisles and therefore giving the client the opportunity to use the pack itself as a marketing tool. For more information on our doypack machines please contact us via our website our social network YOUTUBE or LINKEDIN.

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