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Coffee packaging system in YMpackaging, coffee packaging with maximum performance and precision.

This product is responsive to the environment. Its aroma and flavour are coffees main features and the packaging process is essential in the quality of the product.

The machinery we offer for this product has a perfectly hermetic seal and a special valve applicator keeping the product freshness and flavour. Our machines have a reliable and flexible configuration to satisfy the needs of our clients.



We are experts in packaging equipment for products with special required features such as those needed in coffee.

Due to the characteristics of this product, the vertical bagging machine will have to have certain features so that the packaging process is adequate and the product conserves its aroma and freshness.

At YM, we work directly with coffee packaging manufacturers. This way we get to design and manufacture our machines keeping in mind elements or barrier components such as the ideal film to use, its microns and dimensions.


Packaging coffee must comply with a series of specific characteristics to be able to ensure coffee is kept in an adequate manner and keeping its aroma. One of the characteristics to achieve this is using the right film and the degassing valve.


This application is aimed to degassing the coffee bags. Roasted coffee is a product which is very sensitive to oxygen due to the later altering the characteristics and aroma of coffee. The system to apply degassing valves is aimed to keep the aroma for a long period of time (1-2 years). Without this system coffee would not last longer than 2 months approximately.

The degassing valve is not only used to keep the aroma but also to prevent the bags from swelling due to the high levels of gas released after roasting.

This valve is a one-way membrane that allows the carbon dioxide released from the coffee beans to exit but doesn’t allow external oxygen to enter the pack.

With our equipment we have insert this valve into the film of the bag. This helps our clients to dramatically minimise costs of packaging coffee by not having to buy pre formed pouches with the valve.




However, for those companies who are starting in this industry and purchase a packaging machine, a good option would be to start with pre formed bags that come with the valve integrated.

When the production volume increases, the next step would be to acquire a vertical bagging machine that forms the bag from a roll of film and with a degassing valve applicator.


Whether it is coffee or any other type of packaging, at YM we can offer all solutions with the latest technology.