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Wrap-around cartoning machines

Our wrap around models are designed to achieve low maintenance, intuitive adjustments in format changes and machine constant work. We offer side and top case packing for any type of products.

Podemos llegar hasta una velocidad de 20 cajas por minuto, garantizando un perfecto formado y encolado de las mismas. Los cambios de formato son fáciles e intuitivo pudiendo memorizar programas y recetas para que la máquina se ajusta de forma automática. Por otro lado estos equipos cuentan con diferentes extras: engrase, centralizado, doble cargador de plancha para diferentes formatos, sistemas de embridado de fácil conexión, etc. Utilizamos la ultima tecnologia y las mejores marcas para todos nuestros equipos: Festo, Siemes, Allen Bradley etc.


We offer different models of box erectors and sealers for American o B1 box formats. According to the client’s requirements we can seal boxes with tape or glue, this will dictate the speeds and box size.

We offer different types of finish depending on our client’s needs; stainless steel, epoxy coated, etc.

Our box filling systems for B1 boxes allow us to fill boxes from the top or side ways depending on the product.

We combine our systems with other types of movement to insert the product in the box: robotic arm, mechanical hand, etc.




BOXING machines

Our company YM PACKAGING has a dedicated team for end of line solutions, box erectors and other related systems. This division of our company is called BOXBAG.

Using this brand, we design and manufacture all the equipment related with end of line and box erectors. Depending on the product to be placed into boxes we have different models of box erectors.

We mainly work with two categories of boxing machines: wrap around and American type boxes.

Wrap-around boxes are known for their feeding method which is from a sheet of cardboard. They are extracted using two arms with suction cups and then folded by the machine itself. The machine has a level sensor in the magazine.

Our case packers are designed to a low maintenance operation due to the simplicity of the machine. This allows for intuitive format changes and operation via digital counting. In addition, the machine itself inserts the product into the box and positions it. This system is suitable for all types of primary packaging due to the bespoke loading system.

Depending on the components in the line, we can perform choose from top loading or side loading packing and using different systems to carry out the work.

This case packer for wrap around boxes has many advantages: economic savings as the boxes are made from a sheet of cardboard, space saving, etc.

On the other hand, case packers for American-style boxes are designed in two parts, one part forms the box, and the other inserts the product from the top or the side. Case packers can also work with tape or glue. Choosing between the two will depend on the product type and its weight. This system receives the boxes already erected and folded. The mission of this system is to open the boxes and tape or glue the bottom in a way that the top stays open when arriving to the lading station in which we insert the packs using different methods depending on the speed, weight, product, etc.

  • Low level box warning sensor
  • PLC`S 7 200
  • Touch screen 7
  • “SIEMENS color
  • Pneumatics: ARTIACH AND SMC
  • Sensors and photocells
  • LEUZE Integrated safety system for breakdowns and openings